Launch of Grassland Online!

Grassland is excited to announce today the official launch of Grassland Online!, its new Internet finance business. This technology initiative includes new online loan origination channels for each regional subsidiary of its microcredit lending business, innovative mobile technology for administering and managing the lending process, and automated credit scoring models to improve the quality and efficiency of Grassland’s credit decision-making. Development of the online platform is a fundamental element of Grassland’s expansion objectives.

Grassland has partnered with Shanghai-based web developer, MobileNow, to create new websites for its current operations in Chifeng, Inner Mongolia and Chongqing’s Wanzhou district. Potential clients can submit client leads quickly and fast track their loan applications by uploading information. Grassland’s clean and professional website design will distinguish it from its competitors, will incorporate client testimonials to establish its reputation, information about company staff, a clear and simple loan calculator with an emphasis on transparency, and a client information center that will aid in educating clients and publicize the important news and promotions within regional and nationwide Grassland communities.

Grassland Online! encompasses mobile and cloud lending platforms to enhance and expedite the credit process. Collaborating with Mambu, a cloud-banking platform, Grassland has implemented a new digital system to assist loan officers, enable paperless applications, improve client communication and risk management, and largely automate the credit process. This online lending platform includes both web- and mobile-based applications for clients and employees. Additionally, Grassland has partnered with Hong Kong-based DemystData to automate the credit scoring process that allows real-time credit evaluation via loan officer tablets in the field, building upon the Grassland credit database to provide detailed background on prospective clients.

The development of Grassland’s new online platforms is a notable component of the company’s growth strategy. As Grassland expands its current operations in Chifeng and Wanzhou, and opens new operations in Jishou, Hunan and Shanghai Pudong, Grassland Online! is expected to provide a unique, robust and innovative channel for micro-lending in these regions.

With today’s launch of Grassland Online!, Grassland embraces a new and energizing chapter. Through these Internet-based platforms, Grassland confidently expects to be able to support a growing range of clients who want to improve and expand their businesses throughout China. This launch is the beginning of a very exciting phase in the company’s growth.