Grassland’s Diverse Clientele

Grassland has served more than 6,500 clients across its Chifeng and Wanzhou operations over the last five years. It has built a healthy and diverse portfolio, lending to a wide range of clients of different backgrounds, offering them products that include working capital loans, agricultural loans, salary loans, small business loans, and SME loans. These loans, as well as the broader services and client education that Grassland provides, have empowered Grassland’s borrowers to launch and expand their businesses, subsequently bettering their own economic standing and that of their families, as well as benefitting their broader communities.

Grassland’s clients reflect several different ethnicities, from a relatively even balance of urban and rural backgrounds. The diverse client base serviced by Grassland’s three offices in Chifeng – in the districts of Songshan, Hongshan, and Yuanbaoshan – and in Wanzhou have dedicated their loans to achieve many different business goals and endeavors.

In Chifeng, Grassland targets entrepreneurs in the retail, wholesale, agriculture and small manufacturing sectors. In the district of Songshan, Grassland has disbursed loans to a premium breed pig farmer who sells to buyers in Beijing, and to a medicine storeowner who specializes in popular skincare products made from donkey skin. In Hongshan district, Grassland has made loans to a ceramic supplier, as well as a laundry shop owner, a ceramics shop owner, a restaurateur, and the founder of a regional transportation business. Grassland’s clients in Chifeng have been able to successfully use loans to grow their respective business in the region. Those who are more rural or agriculturally based have, too, been able to expand and upgrade their operations.

In Wanzhou, Grassland’s clients include a home appliance storeowner, a housing construction materials supplier, a coal trader, a glass wholesaler, and a market retailer. In this rapidly urbanizing district of Chongqing, Grassland has been able to serve many clients in a number of different industries. These relationships have contributed strongly to the region’s economic development. A more recently established Grassland operation, Wanzhou has been growing at a fast pace.

Grassland’s ability to connect with clients across many industries and economic backgrounds has made the company a popular and trusted presence in both Chifeng and Wanzhou. Building on successful client experiences, Grassland has expanded steadily in both regions. This emphasis on diversity and on providing superior client communication and education is also at the foundation of the company’s plans for operational expansion into Jishou, Hunan and Shanghai Pudong.