Microcredit Operations

As an early entrant, Grassland is uniquely positioned to leverage its best-in-class practices while scaling up in multiple provinces. We target high-growth local/ regional economies with a high concentration of niche customers. We have the resources, the organization and the insight needed to provide convenient and transparent services for enabling micro, small and medium-sized enterprises to maximize growth.

Online Services

Grassland is deploying an integrated internet finance platform, designed to bring the entire lending process online, including streamlined workflows and a more automated credit process. Our team's innovative culture ensures that we are continually pushing the technological boundaries and expanding our service offering.

Online Application

Potential clients can use Grassland's local websites to submit a loan application to their local branch and upload supporting diligence documents. Qualified leads are contacted personally within 24 hours and have a face-to-face meeting arranged where necessary.

Client Portal

The client portal is the center of our clients' customer experience and differentiates Grassland from its competitors. Clients can use a secure login to access their repayment schedule, transaction history, loan application status and other application details.

Automatic Credit Scoring

Grassland has developed a proprietary automated credit scoring algorithm. The model is hosted in the cloud for access in the office, in the field and online. Grassland has strengthened the model with additional data sources for more effective client screening.

Operating Partners

With an emphasis on incorporating technology and innovation, Grassland has formed valuable partnerships with the following finance and technology companies:

Working with Grassland to empower individuals and enterprises in China with the resources needed to build business through innovative lending practices.
Leveraging Accion's global microfinance expertise for the best practices in the industry, as well as strong risk management and credit culture.
Supporting Grassland's contribution to sustainable growth and social impact throughout its various regional operations in China.
The world's largest mobile payment provider provides a simple, secure and fast payment solution for the Grassland Finance.
The world's leading cloud computing and artificial intelligence technology company provides a website architecture solution for Grassland Finance to ensure the security and stability of the website.
Auto-serve provides a detailed solution for the company's microfinance system based on the actual needs of the Grassland Finance loan business.
Provided Grassland Finance with operational services for online loan products.